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Saturday, December 26, 2015

stranger smiley

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                                                                           Time -17:00

It was Saturday's evening, I entered in to the same alley in which I go every day, to enjoy tea. I had two cups of tea, one in each of my hand and a small, white stick of tobacco was stuck in fingers of my right hand with a little fire and smoke on its end.

From god knows where a girl, young and charming, in age similar to me, came to me, with a smile on her face.
And said "Hi"….. ,

Her words lasted for a long time in the chilled air and echoed. I must say it was musical. It made me smile and say "Hi"…. I couldn't shake hands cause my hands had already something to hold.

I watch you almost every day with tea in your both hands, in this alley. So from last few days i had this urge, commanding me to talk to you.  So here I am.
She smiled again.

(I looked at the sky , in desire of communicating with the devine. "Don't play with me god..I am telling you"… I mumbled)

Coming back to her,
It's ok, would you like to enjoy some tea?? I had an extra cup, almost full, of tea.
Yea sure, she almost snatched the cup with watchable speed, and spilled a bit on her fingers. I took out a tissue paper from my pocket and the way I pulled the tissue paper out, made her laugh madly. And she spilled more tea. I told her that I have only one tissue paper.

She apologised for spilling tea a little over me and thanked me for the tissue. Till that moment I was sure that she is a girl with manners and morals, sometimes a few actions and reactions are enough to judge someone.

I was peculiarly calm, analysing her,
Just a month ago, I was wandering to find a new room for my self, then I met a hot stranger girl who was in desperate need of a room and a roommate, cause cost of a well furnished room was too much to afford for a single person who just lost her job , she asked me to share room with her. Thinking of what happened in next four weeks still stirs my soul.

I was sure that this one will not be as bad as the last one. Although I am a full chatter box but i wanted her to start first and she had no problems with it.

"I watch you every day with cup of tea in both the of your hands, and you talk to your self too…." , again her "too" was musical followed by a sweet pout. I wasn't sure should i feel embarrassed about it. I looked at her and with polite smile I started, "I enjoy tea, and yes I like talking to my self a lot. It's a kind of fun activity. I find it entertaining.

Didn't you find that awkward??? I shot a question. I mean most of the people try to keep distance from such people.

It is awkward, but I have never found it bad, I had a teacher in ma college who use talk to himself like no else is around. He is a very nice teacher though.
I almost shouted , "even in my university there are two teachers of such kind, everyone use to ogle them like they are aliens. And one interesting thing,
One of those two, named Bhattacharya use to stare at me sometimes when I was busy talking to my self, during our evening walks. She just burst into laughter, patted on my shoulder as she wasn't able to control her charismatic laugh, in that moment we laughed together.

I felt something in her laugh, some instincts of agony, a past…bad one. A lot of times when she laughed recklessly, I felt like she is trying to fix something in herself.

Well!!! It was to soon to judge.
Where are you from ?? She just asked with a high rate of speech. "Ballia district" I told her.
She wasn't sure where it is. I gave her few references from history, few freedom fighters like Tatya tope and Mangal pandey and Rishi-muni's. Which didn't make any difference to her knowledge.
She is from Punjab, She told me.

"You look lonely, I have never seen you walking with someone."
I smiled again on her questions, but she didn't.
What kind of answer you're expecting here??
You can be honest if you like, she said with funny gesture.

Her style and her words were genuinely tempting, it was hard to resist. I felt like even if I will not want to answer her, there is an impalpable entity that will rip the answer out from chest and gift it to her.

I thought about her question seriously and told her i'm running out of tea, would you like to join me on the way to the tea vendor so that we can refill our cups and enjoy the walk.
She agreed with a dull smile, to add humor I said every thing is sounds better with a little tea in your belly.

The alley is "three cups of tea long"  I told her and I was sure it will make her laugh again.

She was a better listener than I have thought,
"Your tea in belly dialogue" , I have heard it somewhere", she scratched her head poetically, tucked her hair behind her ear.

The warmth and beauty of tea's taste was enhanced by her musical voice and poetic actions.

I asked her a question instead of answering her's, have you read The song of ice and fire novel series??

She said, "aam…no" and smiled again.
Then you must have watched Game of thrones  series.
"Yes, it's one of favorite series, and yes it is tyrian's dialogue, he just used wine instead of tea. She had an excitement on face like she just resolved a murder mystery.

Who is your favorite Character from the serial??
I asked to keep conversation going, finally it was going in an interesting direction, where we had a lot to talk about.

That Queen Daenerys and Tyrian lanister, Yours??
After thinking a bit I told her that I like them all, Yegritti the wildling girl, Lady Briane of Tarth,little finger, the eunuch they all teach you something if you read about them in novels.

We discussed game of thrones for almost an hour. There was a moment when she asked me about a novel that made me cry. I politely told her, there are three novels I have read and cried, last one was "Frankenstein" by Mark Shally. It is about a creature with bad face and his loneliness and his creator.

There was moment of silence, she looked at me I was obviously looking directly in to her eyes , we were two souls, free from the effect of winter, And I think that's what two people should be just souls and brain when they are in a conversation, no affection should linger, life looks much more beautiful that way.

"You ignored that question about the you roaming alone"…I thought she will forget this. I found out that she is smart.

The answer was clear, because I like to be alone. I spend hours standing in front of a mirror talking to imaginary Characters, a lot of times when life gets out of control, I find it unbearable, I replace it with pleasant fiction, which helps me getting a good sleep, keeps me sane.

I think some people are better all alone. Lonelyness is my faithfull partner and tea is my mistress.

It was dark, evening grew in to the night and she was staring at my face, shocked by my answer, it wasn't just me, she too was looking into me, in search misery. That was the time when I realised its to awkward a thing to say to a person with normal life.

I laughed recklessly, do I sound weird now??.
NAH...She said. Now it was my turn to ask, a question, which was excited to see the winter.When i see you laughing I sense crumbs of agony. You can share it too, if it's ok.

Are you sure??  Because I am a happy person, people call me smiley, cause they find smile on my face all the time, she shot a question back.

I told her I may fail to understand extent of someone's happiness, but I've never failed to see the agony. That's my thing.

Her face was a grave for a moment,
It's ok to share such things with the one who can sense it in you. I tried to push her from the precipice.

Let's just say we all eat crumbs of agony as our daily bread, no one can run away from it. They are way to many, personal professional, past and future. We will discuss every thing in detail, when the time will be right.

For an hour we had highly serious discussions about her life, my life, goals. Then we had tea again, she is a tea lover too and likes poetry.

I told her, whenever I see someone like you I see a poetry, with a smile.

Is it your usual way to flirt or its specially for me, she laughed loudly with these words.

Finally i told her that actions and gestures resembles to a very good friend of mine.

Again old line for flirting, she replied.

I am not trying to flirt you, trust me, I tried to convince her,  if I have to flirt you, I'd say
" I see a hope of summer raining from your hair when you suddenly tuck them around your ear,  she had almost fallen down, laughing madly,
Still I continued my lines, your eyes, your style had casted a spell on me, Now I don't even remember who I was, all I know is you. I passed a smile.

"Hahahahaahhaah……." Ab bas bhi ker smiley…kitta hassegi,

Then she asked whole of me or any specific part, after this question I got to know that smiley is a bit naughty too.I replied with all my naiveness, till yet my focus was your face, I smiled mischievously. Then we laughed together, she tried to hit me politely for finally flirting her a little.

After three hours she told me, I watch you almost done every day from the window with my friends and you know, once in a discussion my friends challenged me to talk to you they think I am not daring,
I accepted it, they think that you are bit weird. She chuckled, when I came to you they were looking at us, and you didn't notice a few of them passed by us just for eavesdropping. I softly punched with my feast on her shoulder.
…..but I had fun with you. And yes you walk like a penguin,
….I am going to kill you, I grabbed her neck in my arm softly.…and released it.(thinking…I forgot to wet deodorant, she will die. )
….and you don't know how to flirt at all Roshan. You need a crash course.

Ok, the feedback is truly noted,  it was a nice evening for me too, I mean what else a loner, a wander  can wish for, other than a charming lady as a walking companion, with a cup of tea in her hand.

I escorted her to her building, just before she left, I forced her to take one more cup of tea with me.

So smiley…. I said.
Yes penguin… She replied.
We both laughed.

Tell your your friends that I am not weird.
She laughed again, yes I will tell them you are just a baby-penguin……

Tell them smiley is daring, humorous and a darling creature and she knows how to create happiness, even in the worst time. Tell them penguin thinks that smiley will have struggling but wonderful life, and penguin wish the same for smiley. And tell them that smiley is a bit inspiring too.
And thank them for sending the you to me.

Aur kehna kmini thodi flirty bhi hai.…..
Now that was the moment of laughter.….

(Tu senty na huwa ker, she said)

I never thought I would be this happy to see a penguin, she chuckled. I laughed too.
Then finally she said, tell penguin that smiley was happy to see him, and wish to see him again.

Thank you for the great evening sweet penguin.
There was one thing, constant as time, it was our laugh. We shared thank you, sorry, and bye.

She made a promise to see me on a precipice named tomorrow. We hugged, I even dropped a small peck on the top of her head.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

कजरा तेरा...a "dream song"

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Once upon a time, under the light of moon a girl was crying with an immortal anguish. Her friend 'The moon' himself came to console her from the sky, she cried on his shoulder for a moment and rest of the time he kept wiping her tears. She has most beautiful eyes, he had ever seen. It was the first time when he was confronting a mortal creature.  he tried to make her smile, but humor was not his best suit. he felt what normally humans feel, an affection, an attachment with her agony, in verity of humans some are destined to fall for happiness and charm,some are cursed to fall for agony.

He felt like he is a human for a moment, the 'one' who usually fall for immortal agonies....... 
when he was going back, he looked at his palm, her "kajal" was there all over his palm and looked like one of most alluring sights he had ever seen. He walked a little with the constant gaze on the kajal of his Palm, he sat down on pavements looked at his palm, the shining dark color of her kajal was still there, he just wanted to keep looking at it as long as he live.

Something inside his heart had been changed, The thought of going away was pinching in his heart ,for some reasons it did sound like something unjust and peculiar. At first he did not know what exactly had happened to him but after a while he realized that he had fallen in love with that mortal creature. He thought The kajal is not bad for a token of  love. Then he recalled, he doesn't belong to this land he will have to go back, he can't abandon his own destination,he has his own journey to cover, but he kept the "kajal"with him,  The kajal on his palm was the most romantic sight he had ever seen in his eternal long lexistence.

And from that moment we all see some dark spots on moon. That dark spots are the token of love, an accidental gift, unintentionally given by a mortal creature to the immortal beauty of moon. He realized that a few seconds ago he dreamed a dream which will always remain a dream, "a shattered dream". He could see it in his tears. And for a brief moment he thought about his past and love what he never had. Then "the thought of being with that crying mortal" was sounding like his "dream song".

Just when i was done typing the poetry, this short story came to my mind.

ख्वाब जो मेरा टूट गया था 
आज फिर से मेरी आँखों पर है 
कजरा तेरा जो छूट गया था 
आज मेरे हांथों पर है 

तेरे आंसू, तेरी बातें 
आज मेरे सिर आँखों पर है 
मुझे फिर से मुहब्बत हो गयी है 
इक  टूटा ख्वाब है, जो मेरी आँखों पर है 

मेरी इबादत, मेरी अमानत 
बन गया है कजरा तेरा 
मैं नहीं जानता की खुदा है या नहीं 
बस तू है-और- मेरी हथेली पे 
बिखरा है कजरा तेरा 

मंजिल है इक दिल की अमानत 
सफर मेरा आबाद शजर है 
तुझसे मिल के याद आया है 
दिल मेरा भी बिखरा राहों पर है 

"ऐ राही" तेरा सफर तब तक ही है 
जब तक अधूरा है तू 
अपने अधूरेपन में ही तो पूरा है तू 
लौट जा इश्क़ की गलियों से 
तुझे  बुला रहा है सफर तेरा,

जब कभी तेरी याद आयेगी
नजर आएगा मुझे अपने हांथो पर 
बिखरा हुआ कजरा तेरा।

                -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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"ऐ दिलनशीं "

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...And the dusk was dwelling with de-light, waiting for moon to rise from the sea, in the garden of eternity. There i witnessed a Jugnu(firefly) and a bird enjoying the evening together and i over heard there conversation.

मैं कभी तेरी आँखों में देखूँ 
और मेरा दिल दरिया बन जाएं 
जिसकी लहरों पे तेरी मुस्कुराहटें,
तेरी मासूमियत कभी घूमने निकल जाएं 

बस मेरी जिंदगी को 
तेरी आहट तेरी मासूमियत  मिल जाएं 
मेरी उम्मीदें दूर तक खुशियों तलाश में जाये 
और बस एक मोड़ आये और मुझे तू मिल जाएं 

इश्क़ में जितना चलो कम  है 
कुछ कह के आँख तेरी भी नम है 
मेरी भी नम है 

मैं मुहब्बत से बोलू क़ि,
"इक बार अपने होंठो से  
अपना दीवाना कह दे  "ऐ दिलनशीं ""
और मेरी जिंदगी मुकम्मल हो जाये 
तेरे होंठो से गिरें कुछ शब्दों से

फिर कभी तेरी आँखों में देखूँ मैं
और तेरी आँखें मुस्कुराने की चाहत में 
आंसुओं से भर जाएं 

कि मैं कभी तेरी आँखों में देखूँ 
और मेरा दिल दरिया बन जाएं 

                      -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

आ फिर से तुझे पास लिख दू अपने

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आ फिर से तुझे पास लिख दू अपने 
इक बारिश ढूंढ  लाऊ 
और भीग जाऊ फिर से साथ  तेरे 
कुछ देर के लिए 

हर रोज जिंदगी एक जैसी न होगी 
हर बार वक़्त खुद को नहीं दोहराएगा 
एक दिन किरने ढल जाएँगी 
और तेरी खशबू मुझसे छिन  जाएगी 

आ फिर से तुझे बाँहों में भर लू अपने 
तू जो एक ख्वाब मेरा है 
तुझे देख कर बुनता है मेरा दिल सपने 
इक लम्हा, इक राह जो तेरे साथ गुजर जाएगी 
मेरी जिंदगी सुकून से भर जाएगी 
 फिर से, कुछ देर के लिए 

आ फिर से तुझे पास लिख दू अपने 
लिख दू फिर से की तुझसे मुहबत है 
लिख दू  फिर से तेरे की साथ चलना है 
लिख दू कितनी नफरत है मुझे 
तुझसे दूर जाने से,

बस मिल जाये स्याही थोड़ी और,
की तेरी धड़कानो को लिख दू 
धड़कनो के पास अपने 

 -रोशन कुमार "राहीं

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इतनी मुहब्बत से लिखा है 
तेरा नाम आँखों से सितारों में 
जैसे खोयी कश्ती को 
ढूंढ लिया हो किनारों ने 

तू भी क्या चीज़ है  राही 
बस कूद पड़ता है खाई में 
मुहब्बत की मीनारों से 

फूट कर रोया हूँ 
अपनी कहानी कह कर
 कतरों की आहट को सुना है 
मेरे कमरें की दीवारों ने 

इतनी सिद्दत से जला हूँ
दिए की तरह 
मुझे रोशन कहा है हज़ारों ने 

जब रात की शोहरत में
 तारें गुजरते है 
तेरी यादें मेरी आँखों में चमकती है 

दिल उस म्यान सा बिखर गया है मेरा 
जिसे छलनी किया हो
 इश्क़ सी तलवारों ने 

इतनी मुहब्बत से लिखा है 
तेरा नाम आँखों से सितारों में 

 -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

तू है मेरा किनारा

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ये दुनियाँ  बहती नदियाँ  है 
तू है मेरा किनारा 

यहाँ झरने है संगीत है 
मुहब्बत है, उम्मीद है 
तू इक ख्वाब है प्यारा 
तू है मेरा किनारा 

ये दुनियाँ  रौशन है  क्योंकि 
कुछ सितारें जल रहे है 
तेरी अच्छाई  तेरी बुराई 
तेरी जिंदगी का हर पहलू 
मुझे मेरा लगता है 
तू है मेरा सितारा 

'इश्क़' इक ख्वाब है राही का 
इक सुबह बिखर जायेगा 
कल को न जाने सफर
किस दरिया में ले जायेगा 
उमीदों से भरी ये रातें लम्बी है 
तू मेरे सपनो की सुबह है 
तू इक ख्वाब है प्यारा 
तू है मेरा किनारा 

 -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

तू मेरा इश्क़ है, मेरा मलाल है

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तू मेरे जेहन का इक जिक्र  है 
इक खयाल है 
मेरे दिल में फिक्र है तेरी खातिर 
और कुछ सवाल है 

चाँद की तलाश अब भी है  
समंदर की लहरों को 
मिटती नहीं है ख्वाहिशें 
ये इश्क़ भी कमाल है 

खो गयी है चिरागों की शोहरत 
अंधेरों में, शायद उनके दिल में भी 
इश्क़ जैसा इक सवाल है 

इक कश्ती साथ लहरों के 
तुझे ढूंढने अक्सर आती है किनारों तक 
तेरी बातें अब भी मेरे दिल का सुकून है 
तेरा साथ अब भी इक सवाल है 

तुझे सपनो से ढूंढ कर लाया हूँ मै   
तू मेरा इश्क़ है, मेरा मलाल है 
तू मेरे जेहन का इक जिक्र  है 
इक खयाल है

 -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

मेरे अधूरें गीत

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ये दुनियाँ  भी खूबसूरत होगी कभी 
मेरी आवाज भी तेरे पास से गुजरेगी कभी 

यूं तो हर तरफ रौशनी होगी 
उम्मीद है मेरी चाहत और तेरी आहट 
साथ-साथ  गुजरेगी कभी 
मुझे यकीन है मेरे इश्क़ की बात 
तेरे जद से होके गुजरेगी कभी 

एक दिन तू मेरी आँखों में देखेगी 
और मेरा दिल आइना बन जायेगा 
कभी तुझे मुझसे मुहब्बत हो जाएगी 
और मंजिल तक रास्ता तुझसे होकर जायेगा 

सोचता हूँ  कुछ खोएगा तो कुछ मिल जायेगा 
न जाने ऐसा क्या है पास मेरे 
जिसकी जगह खुदा तुझे रख जायेगा 

चाहत में लिखे मेरे हर गीत अधूरे है 
मुझे मालूम है तुझे भी मुहब्बत होगी 
और मेरे गीतों के अधूरेपन से तू भी 
गुजरेगी कभी 

एक दिन बस गुजर जाऊंगा 
एक राही की तरह , 
इस अधूरेपन के साथ 
फिर कोई ख्वाहिश मेरी 
तेरे बारे में फिर से पूछेगी  कभी। 

 -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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मेरे दिल में रोशन है उम्मीद मेरी

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Sometimes "a hope" is all one needs to be happy, sometimes "a hope" is all one can take away from you to destroy you.

मेरे दिल में रोशन है उम्मीद मेरी 
गुजरी थी कभी ख्वाबों के संग 
अब कुछ जल सी गयी है तकदीर मेरी 

इक अधूरा सफर है
मेरा ख़ाक हो जाने तक का 
तुझसे मिला और मुझसे 
और भी दूर हो  गयी है जिंदगी मेरी 

ख्वाबों में ही सही थाम ले हाथ मेरा 
और जिंदगी मुकम्मल कर दे 
अनजाने में बस दिल से  
उलझ गयी है तस्वीर तेरी 

यूं तो भटकता सितारा हूँ मै  
तेरा मिल के जाना भी कुछ यूं लगता है 
जैसे मुझसे मिल के
बिछड़ गयी है जिंदगी मेरी 

कई मंजिलें, कई मोड़ अाये 
और कुछ रास्तें मेरे पास से गुजरें 
तू नजर नहीं आई तो ऐसा लगा 
जैसे अंधेरों में फिर से खो गयी है 
जिंदगी मेरी 

कोई बस ले पूछ ले ये इंतज़ार कैसा है 
ऐसा लगता है जैसे कि 
शहतीरों की भीड़ में खो गयी है जिंदगी मेरी 

 -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

उसे उजालो की याद आती है

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I hope you will excuse the size of poetry, i was high and had no control over ma pen, it kept moving, the actual poetry longer than this one. I just realize that a few shots of vodka and loud music which can penetrate the deepest darkness of your soul crates a nice environment to write poetry. In this poetry "ujale" means love, "The love"  one carries for someone. 

ढक्षिण  की एक दुनियाँ है 
जिसकी तन्हाई मुझे बुलाती है 
कोई पूछेगा तो बताऊँगा 
की मुझे एक रात याद आती है 
जहाँ  शाम की तन्हाई थिरकती है 
क्योंकि उसे उजालो की याद आती है 

एक सुर उसे कहीं दूर ले जाता है 
और जब भी उसे देखता हूँ मै 
तो उससे फिर से मुहब्बत हो जाती है 

यूं तो शाकी उसे ले जाती है उजालों तक 
न जाने कैसा असर है उसका मुझपर 
वो नाराज होती फिर भी 
मुहब्बत उसकी खातिर दिल में बढ़ती जाती है 

ये राही तो एक जलता परिंदा है 
जो इक दिन खाक में मिल जायेगा 
बस जब जीने की बात याद आती है 
उससे फिर से तुझसे मुहब्बत हो जाती है 

बस इक बार कहना चाहता हूँ उससे 
इश्क़ आँखों में भर कर 
दिल जलते है  तो उजाले खुद मिल जाते है 
हम वो खुदा तो नहीं जो
औरो की जिंदगियां बनाते है 
तू भी किसी की जिंदगी का उजाला है 
कोई है कहीं जिसकी जिंन्दगी
में जब भी कुछ होता है 
उसे तेरी याद आती है 
और जब भी उसे होश आता है 
उसे तुझसे मुहब्बत हो जाती है 

ना "पूछ" की राही ऐसा क्यों है 
वो जनता है की सब जलते है 
रौशनी की खातिर अंधेरों में 
"क्योंकि जब भी तेरी आवाज आती है 
उसे फिर से तुझसे मुहब्बत हो जाती है" 

तेरी जिंदगी बनने को जलती है मेरी तन्हाई 
अब न पूछना की तुझे क्यों पसंद करता हूँ 
क्योंकि जब भी तेरी बात आती है 
मुझे तुझसे मुहब्बत हो जाती है 


-रोशन कुमार "राहीं "


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Thursday, September 17, 2015


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चल मंजिल तक साथ चलते है 
और इक घरौंदा बनाते है 
मिलतें है, सपने  बुनते है 
और कहीं खो जातें है 

हम वो परिंदे है  
जिनका आसमाँ  एक है 
चल एक शाख चुनते है 
एक घर बनाते बनाते है 

थोड़ी रौशनी है जिंदगी में   
थोड़ा अन्धेरा है 
यकीन कर मेरा, कुछ दूर 
एक मोड़ पर हमारे खातिर खड़ा 
एक नया सवेरा है 

मेरी आँखों में मुहब्बत है 
इंतजार है,  इकरार है है 
मेरे कतरे मुझसे  कहते है कि  
तेरे साथ खड़ा अतीत तेरा है 

और एक दिन इश्क़ में जलता नजर आऊँगा 
और दुनियाँ कहेगी कि  ऐ "राही"
 अब रोशन नाम तेरा है 


-रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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Saturday, September 5, 2015


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काश तुझे नींद थोड़ी देर से आती,
हर रात तुझसे मिलने की ख्वाहिश ,
मेरे बहुत से ख्यालों की अधूरी रह जाती है 

                                                काश वो शाम कुछ लम्हें और ठहर जाती                                                                                                                                   तेरी हथेली में कुछ और देर रहने  की ख्वाहिश 
मेरी हथेली की हर दफा अधूरी रह जाती है 

जब भी मिलता हूँ गले तुझसे 
ये वक़्त थमता क्यों नहीं  
हर बार गुफ्तगू कुछ धड़कनो की  
की अधूरी रह जाती है 

जब भी शुरू करता हूँ इश्क़ की बातें 
वक़्त गुजर जाता है और
बातें बस इकरार की
अधूरी रह जाती है

जब भी मुहब्बत से तेरी आँखों में देखता हूँ 
मुकद्दर कहता है मुझे देखकर 
बस इसीलिए तो जिंदगी कम पड़  जाती है 

तुझसे जैसे लोग मिलते है  तो 
घरौंदे बसते है 
वरना "राही" का क्या है 
वो चलते रहते है    
और जिंदगी गुजर जाती है 

-रोशन कुमार "राही"
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Monday, August 31, 2015

कुछ ऐसे गुजरे जिंदगी

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कुछ ऐसे गुजरे जिंदगी 
जैसे तेरी - मेरी कहानी हों 
अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखू मै 
और वो कुछ तेरी कुछ मेरी जुबानी हो 

जो दर्द का इक कतरा भी 
बिखरें तेरे ऊपर 
एक उम्र ऐसी गुजरे 
जिसमे मेरी आँखों में पानी हो 

मेरे सीने को कुछ ऐसे छू जाये तेरी साँसें 
जैसे इक अंधियारे की रौशनी से मुहब्बत 
में मिट गयी पूरी कहानी हो 

मै लिखू बेहिसाब तुझे  सोचते हुयेँ 
और जिंदगी कुछ ऐसे गुजरे 
जैसे ये सिर्फ तेरी मेरी कहानी हो.

-रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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"इश्क़ ".….... इक राहीं का सफ़र

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उसकी दुनियाँ  से आते हुये 
बेफिक्र, अपनी शज़र को जाते हुये 
मेरा वजूद उसकी यादों में खोया रहता है 
और अक्सर मैं राह भटक जाता हूँ 

दूर तक फ़ैली वीरानी से 
पूछता हूँ अपने रस्ते की दिशा 
और चाँद कहता है कि 
ऐसे सिरफिरों पे मैं मुस्कुराता हूँ 

चाँद को कहता हूँ मैं 
की मुहब्बत है मुझे
फिर वो कहता है कि 
रुक मैं तुझे तेरी राह बताता हूँ  
कूछ दूर तू मेरा पीछा कर 
कूछ दूर तू साथ चल मेरे 
नजर आएगी तुझे तेरी मंजिल वहा 
जहा हर बार मैं तुझे ले जाता हूँ 

aur fir jab Rahi manjil pe phoch jata hai to wo chand se kehta hai ki...

ऐ चाँद, जो कभी वो मुझे ढूंढे तो बताना उसको 
की हर बार मैं इसी रस्ते से जाता हूँ 
उसे बताना की इतनी मुहब्बत है उससे 
की मैं उसकी यादो में गुम रहता हूँ  
और अक्सर राह भटक जाता हूँ. 

                                                       -रोशन कुमार "राही" 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

इक गीत

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Once a friend came to me and asked me to write a song for her and her boyfriend. normally i find my self unable to write on such demands because poetry is something that comes to me  all by itself i have never forced my self to complete a poetry, and there is no  fixed time when any poetry will come to me, i have penned many poetry when i was on WC(water closet" (flush toilet)). 
But my friend's desire for a poetry was pen-able so i wrote this. 

कहीं ढल जाये सूरज  और 
हवाओं में इक गीत तेरा मेरा हों 
ये बादल बरसें मुझपर झूम कर 
और बूंदों में हर रंग तेरा हो 

तू मिल जाए मुझे 
मुकद्दर की लकीरों में 
हर दिन तेरी बाँहों में एक नया सवेरा हो 
लिख दे एक गीत इक दुनिया ऐ "राही" 
जिसमे मै  उसकी हूँ और वो मेरा है 

बस कहीं ढल जाये सूरज 
और मेरा मन पंछी की तरह 
उड़ जाये साथ तेरे 
और हवाओं में एक गीत तेरा मेरा हो 

कुछ  ऐसे देख मेरी आँखों में की 
ये दुनिया धुंधली पद जाये 
तू ऐसे रस्ते बुन जिनपे 
जिंदगी जैसा एक सफर तेरा मेरा हो 

एक ऐसी मंजिल पे ले चल 
जहां हर शाम हवाएं गीत गुनगुनाती हो 
और वो गीत तेरा मेरा हो. 

बस ले चल  कहीं दूर 
जहां सूरज ढल जाये और 
हवाओं में इक गीत तेरा मेरा हो 

 -रोशन कुमार "राही"

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

इक मुलाक़ात

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ye kavita maine us lamhe ke liye likhi hai jisme ek ghajal ko sharab se ek rahi ko uske safer se aur ek insan ko apani jindagi se, Aur kisi ko kisi se "Ek mulakat" me muhabbat ho jati hai. ager apki ghajal hai ya apko rasto se muhbbat hai ya fir ager kabi apko bhi muhbbat ho gyi kisi se pehli mulakat me to ye kavita apke liye hai. 

कुछ लिखूँ कि  कोई  जवाब मिल जाये 
मेरी ग़जल को कोई नयी शराब मिल जाये 
मेरा दिल जलता रहें  ताउम्र और 
तुझें रौशनी बेहिसाब मिल जाये 

यूँ तो एक ही जिंदगी है एक ही मजिंल है मेरी 
तू बस मुस्कुराती रहे हमेशा 
और मुझे नये मुकाम मिल जाये 

चलना चाहत तेरी भी है मेरी भी है 
मै दो कदम चलू और 
जिंदगी के एक नये सवेरे में 
 तेरा साथ मिल जाये 

की तुझे मुझसे और मुझे तुझसे  मुहब्बत हो 
बस यूँ  ही मुस्कुराते हुये
 जिंदगी साथ गुजर जाये 

कूछ लिखूँ कि  कोई  जवाब मिल जाये 
मेरी ग़जल को कोई नयी शराब मिल जाये। .......

-रोशन कुमार "राही" 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

तेरे आने की आहट भर से

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I strongly believe that every thing sounds beautiful when there is a story behind its existence. Each one of my poems has a story.
A month ago I met someone, on the very first day her expressions reminded me of someone. For a moment I felt like that "someone" is back again after almost a decade. And for a moment I was happy. so with a few simple strokes of pen i wrote this,

तेरे आने की आहट  भर से 
जिंदगी बदल गयी हैं
ऐसा लगा जैसे , कुछ पल चली है जिंदगी 
और मंजिल मिल गयी है 
यूँ तो मेरे हर गीत अधूरें  है
तेरे आने से एक ख्वाइश 
मुकम्मल हो गयी है

बड़ी शिद्दत से उठती हैं, वक़्त के दामन में लपटें 
कुछ बदल देने को 
सपनों  में, तेरे आने की आहट  भर से 
मेरी जिंदगी बदल गयी हैं
    -रोशन कुमार "राही" 

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

मेरे मन में भी

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Dedicated to Tajinder Singh "man"
may be someday 'man' will read it....

मेरे मन में भी एक आहट  है 
इक मंजिल है, कुछ तस्वीरें है।
उलझ कर गिर पड़ता हूँ 
अक्सर चलते-चलते 
देखता हूँ पैरों मे 
खुद की  बनाई जंजीरें है।

अक्सर इक खुदा के पास जाता हूँ 
वही पुराने सवाल करता हूँ 
मेरे हांथो में भी मुहब्बत की लकीरें है क्या??
ये पेड़ और पत्ते और ये ओझल होती शामें 
गुम हूँ यहाँ तेरी शक्ल की तलाश में
ऐ 'मन' तेरे मन में भी 
मेरी तस्वीरें है क्या?

मेरे मन में भी इक मंदिर है 
जहा तेरी यादें है और तस्वीरें  है ।
अब ये पत्थर और ये दरिया 
मासूम लगते है 
बड़ी तल्लीनता से मेरी 
कविता मेरी आवाज सुनते  है'

कभी कभी बस पूछ बैठता हूँ 
इन जिंदगी भरती  हवाओं से 
तेरे दिल में भी शहतीरें है क्या??

मेरे मन में भी इक खालीपन है 
तेरी इबादत है, तेरी जरूरत है ।

जब ये मयकश मन आजाद होता है 
तो मै इक दरिया में लौट जाता हूँ 
जिसकी मासूम लहरें सवाल करती है 
हमारी किस्मत में भी किनारे होते है क्या??

मेरे मन में भी एक आहट  है 
इक मंजिल है,  कुछ तस्वीरें है ।

-रोशन कुमार "राही" 

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

कुछ तो कह दे ऐ अजनबी

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कुछ तो कह दे ऐ अजनबी 
कह दे कि, एक समुंद्र के किनारे 
तेरे कदमों के निशां है 
कह दे कि, नफरत मेरी खातिर 
तेरे दिल में अब भी जिंदा है 
कह दे फिर से की अब लौट जाऊ मै 

मै फिर से लिखूँ और इत्तेला हो तुझे 
मेरे दिल में वो किनारे आज भी जिन्दा है 
नफरत बन के ही सही तेरे  दिल में एक ख्याल 
'राही' के लिए जिन्दा है
सफर अभी बाकी है ख्वाहिशें अभी जिन्दा है

कह दे कि, तेरे हाथ में खंजर अभी बाकी है 
कह दे कि, मुझे जलता देखने की 
तेरे  दिल में फ़रियाद  अभी जिन्दा है

मै फिर से लिखूँ और मालूम हो तुझे
तेरी यादें मेरे जख्मों का हिस्सा है 
मै जलू और जलता रहूँ 
मेरी खातिर इससे बेहतर जिंदगी क्या है 

तू आइनों मिलतीं रह 
नफ़रतें कहती रह 
और मैं शब्दों में तेरी बातें बुनता रहू 
और एक दिन तुझे भी एहसास होजाये 
तू  है तो,  मुझे पता  है
की "जिंदगी-मुकम्मल" क्या है 

तू बस हवाओं में, आइनों में नजर आ जाये तो 
जिंदगी मिल जाती है,वर्ना क्या फर्क पड़ता है 
की रास्तें क्या है और जिंदगी क्या है 

-रोशन कुमार "राही" 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015


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आहिस्ता चल, कुछ और बातें गुजर जाने दे 
पुलिंदे अपनी बीती जिंदगी के 
कुछ तू दिखा, कुछ मेरी बातें सुन, 
अपनी उदासी मेरे दिल से , फिर से गुजर जाने दे.

न देख ऐसे जैसे अजनबी हूँ मै 
तू पास आ नजरों की जद में मेरे,
 ठहर जा वहीं, मेरी आँखों को 
अपनी आँखों से गुजर जाने दे  
तुझसे मुहब्बत नहीं है मुझे 
फिर भी , तू साथ चल मेरे 
और कुछ वक़्त गुजर जाने दे 

तू अपनी तकलीफ कह 
कुछ मुझे तेरी उलझने सुलझाने दे 
न देख ऐसे जैसे अजनबी हूँ मै 
कुछ अपनी कह , कुछ मुझे अपनी इल्तेजा 
सुनाने दे।
तू वही राग बन, जो चाहत है तेरी 
बस साथ चल मेरे, और कुछ वक़्त गुजर जाने दे
-रोशन कुमार "राही"

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A story of a bird and a tree

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People like me usually feel lost on the end of each and every day. reading doesn't distract for much longer. In the end I have to come back to the real world and here in reality I’m a frustrated little lad....Who can't do anything properly, One of the basic thing we learn after our birth is "how to walk".. I'm 22 and I can't even walk properly. Although I never had any problems with my walking styleBut there are people who find it pleasant to notify that in every next moment. I love it when friends and others call me Charlie Chaplin..I live with constant fear of doing things wrong, doesn't matter what i do.I hope you can imagine the level of my frustration.So here in my world i'll always need someone to fix me, someone who can show me the one true path.This post is dedicated to that 'someone' of my life.  I too have dreams, I too have people to whom I wish to fate all possible happiness. So here it is what I think about you.When I see you, hear you every day. I look deep into all your sorrows and happiness and there comes a moment, where I want to stay with you, Smile with you, make you laugh share all your agony. You've always been a light for me when I was in a dark alley. And yet I haven't have done anything for you other than scribbling a few poetry. But what I wish for you is the best possible life a lady can ever have. Full of everything she desires. And right now I’m unable to do it with my power. And trust me that frustrates me.

And when a writer is frustrated, he writes.

So I thought to put you as a character in ma novel. There I can control your life, I can put you through all the happiness I can imagine. I can be with you for as long as I wish. No one or no religion will be able to set us apart, no one can draw such boundary which will stop us from spending time together.

It’s not because you know almost everything about me, it’s not because I adore you, it’s not because I feel like
"kamini full marriage material hai' :p

It’s because you deserved to be loved with an immortal madness. Which won't let me go away
From you even if you hurt me. You were always with me, you never got anything for spending time with me or fixing me, or helping me, when I was a lost soul.

You are one of those people, with whom I can't be selfish. A few days ago I decided to put you in my novel and today I wrote a few pages. Especially for you I’ve re-written the first chapter of ma novel.
I don't need to be your husband to travel with you across all the seas and shores and other traumatic and happy moments, I want to walk with you from this day to my last as your beloved friend.

I’ll put you and me in thousands of character and we live thousands of lives together. I'll let your yell make me cry again. I’ll let you help me, I’ll let you hurt me, I’ll grant all the apologies you'll ask for, and it’s more than I wish, a little less than what I need. I gave you immortality and powers and the same innocent heart you own.

This virtual thing will always keep me frustrated and I’ll keep writing to find a satisfactory life for you and me. I’ll keep writing until this frustration wont wore out. And I know it won't, so I’ll keep writing always and forever. Even in my first novel with a warrior as a protagonist I’m trying
To show how powerful this force of frustration is.

You’re like a bird who wants to fly high, I’m like a tree, living a shackled existence. When you fly away I wait for you to come to your nest, and until you’re not there with me I think about the sky and its limits, I'm a tree who thinks about growing high, just high enough to keep you in sight I wake up  with your chirp and go to sleep with your silence. Thinking you’re here on a branch, on a piece of my soul. In my heart. You’ll grow your life in my heart, I’ll keep you safe from the rain and the hurricanes. That’s all I wish. That’s all I want.

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Friday, January 9, 2015


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I was high on weed, I wanted to write a poetry for her, to express how much I love her and as a starting line I quill-ed three simple words and felt it deeply. And the ardent pleasantness dulled my senses, a smile ran over my face. The joy of being in starry heaven over warmed me.In starting I dipped my pleasantness in smoke and nibbled it.And there I started drowning, and kept drowning for a very long time in the strength of that believe.

"I love you" yes I surely do”.

It didn't take very long time, The Believe kept pinching me and I cried.Tears found them self loosing there track in my hazy beard and again my lips formed the same words.

“Yes sweet heart I love you".

With these thoughts and pleasantness,I didn't know when I fall asleep, but the video in my mind was the same.I was there with her crying for her, and she was there too. Trying to convince me that she is right there with my hand in hers with her usual haunting smile on her face.

She asked me if I’d like to join her for a walk.I laughed in tears and told her I’m dying to walk with you.
This is one of those things I can do for whole my life.And there was my first walk with her, it was like a dream come true.I didn't even realize that I’m in a dream

We walked together, she specially notified that she has my hand in hers from last few minutes, she knew merely holding my hand will fetch me all the happiness in the world. It wouldn't be a shock if I’ll die after knowing that she is holding my hand.

I filled our conversation with smile, I did everything I could to make her smile and I succeeded she laughed madly on my gesture and stupidity and told me “you are stupid Roshan”. And trust me it did sound extremely romantic. I still can hear it echoing in my head.
We danced like there is no one else other than our madness and love. I asked her if she can say it in words what exactly she thinks who we are and what we are.

She said "we are Shadows made of love". I sighed!!!

Are we made of same material??? I asked stupidly. And there she burst into laughter, such divine moment it was.
“Yes” I read the answer in her laughter.  And felt glad about it “At least we have something in common”

She smiled but it was full of emotional values like she understand me. She knows that I’m mad for her, and it will destroy me if she won’t be with me. She knows what I want to hear. But she didn't say those words.
We stayed still for a little long I kept looking into her eyes, it was whole of a new life there, and she knows I wasn't looking at its beauty. I was looking for me, if there is an image of mine too.

A few word fell from her mouth to slice me down."Longer you stay harder it will be to leave, or to live"

I told her that I don't want to date her, i want to be with her,...... I want to marry her, have a family with her, and I can be here at this same place for rest of the eternity, holding your hand, if that is all it take for our togetherness.And when she heard me her face was quite like a grave, my face was like a grave of someone who is still alive inside it. Someone who wants to shout, express what it is, pinching him from an eternity

Now we should get back to our real self, let’s go Back Roshan"
"No Please, a few minutes more...please" I begged.
You have to go Roshan, to fix your life,if you stay here you'll go insane.

"I’m OK with it" I said. I’ll love to go insane if that is the cost of being with you.
NO I don't want to destroy someone’s life please try to understand me...go back
You want me to go back in a world where your heart full of immense hatred for me??

"Yes" she said in a harsh tone” Go back there, find me tell me that you love me. Try to make me feel something for you or understand you.

"Like that is going to be easy"... I thought

I tucked her hair behind her ear, and smiled, a tear drop trembled down from my eyes.
“I wanted to do this from a very long time” I tried to laugh like mad man. I was expecting her to blush but she didn't. She just smiled simply, her each smile was like an eternal pleasure for me.
“You’re like sweet little kid” she laughed
“Now it’s time to go back Roshan” I remain silent for a moment.

"OK I’ll go back, and find you and tell you and I'm whatever I'm is because of you. I found new places while I was chasing a butterfly whose wings had same color as your eyes and while I was there wandering in grievance because you abandoned me. That butterfly looked at me and then flew away in search of another flower less psycho or horrible than me, just like you did every time. I still wander some times in search of that butterfly.

She didn't say anything, just kept looking at me.

You know people think I'm mad when they see I'm talking to you, or to your shadow while I’m on the road going to nowhere or to the tea shop, they can't see you everywhere and in everything.
"Foolish people"

She laughed politely.

"I don’t want to go where I can't even see you are talk to you."

She kept smiling moved toward me gently and dropped a sweet and never lasting kiss on my fore head.
Trust me I wanted to die right there at that moment cause the happiness i felt at that point in time was unbearable.

"I have a solution for you Roshan"Go there in the world of mortal beings. Find me,
I know future is uncertain but if you endeavor to find me, someday you will succeed.
Every time she calls my name I want to pause that moment and rewind it for a thousand times
Just to hear it and look at her lips while she pronounce my name

She holds both of my hands with her's, looked straight in to my wet eyes and says.

"Promise me Roshan, promise me that you will find me"and express to me that you're madly in love with me,doesn't matter even if I try to kill you or have you thrown out from my College again when you come searching for me there.

"Promise me you will never give up on me, promise me" She waited for my reply.

I cried again and this time I cried loudly, I hadn't had anything else in my mind at then, she saw me, she heard me and she hugged me. She kept her head on my shoulder, I hugged her tight like I don’t intend to let her go away. I was unable to feel my weight in that moment of time. Unintentionally I cried more and more. I cried in her arms, she cried in mine.

Fate is such a distaste-full thing isn't it Roshan?? She asked.
"Yes it is"..I tried to laugh.

You know,“you can come back here until you don't find me there"I'm always here for you. I’ll always be here, waiting for you.

i woke up found my pillow wet....wiped my tears, and realized"what a beautiful dream it was".
And I still chase that butterfly until it vanishes in thin air like it was just a whim.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Love, A journey

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When you get high to a certain level, when shouting without any reason
sounds okay. You put your pen on paper and paint a few symbols
you will pick the most torturing memory from past and pen it down
and i'm pretty sure you will write how beautiful those moment were.

If you are in love you don't need any other way
I didn't use the word 'true' before love cause love is unique either
it will be true by default or it won't be love.

Allow me to take you on a journey.

Love is a complex journey
he was told in a certain way
a newbie did't know 
how to walk or walk away!!

he stood like a statue
every day in Her way
looking for foot prints
She left on the road to stay.

and one day he was curious to know
where paths take her every day
for him it was tough to explain,
what he feels, or what he should say
the distance casts an imperishable dismay.

he kept his feet on 
her first foot print
and then on second ,
and kept walking all day
all he wanted to say was 'Hey'

he likes the way she smile
and drink and talk and walk away 
well!!! he was in love ???
and love is a journey, 
he didn't know, 
how to walk or walk away.

one day he realized it was easy 
to walk in love, and wait
cause her footprints were there
to show him the right way

she look intelligent,
she can show him a better way
love showed him the darkness
and darkness showed him his true way

love is a journey 
and he didn't know
how to walk or walk away


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