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Monday, December 7, 2015

कजरा तेरा...a "dream song"

Once upon a time, under the light of moon a girl was crying with an immortal anguish. Her friend 'The moon' himself came to console her from the sky, she cried on his shoulder for a moment and rest of the time he kept wiping her tears. She has most beautiful eyes, he had ever seen. It was the first time when he was confronting a mortal creature.  he tried to make her smile, but humor was not his best suit. he felt what normally humans feel, an affection, an attachment with her agony, in verity of humans some are destined to fall for happiness and charm,some are cursed to fall for agony.

He felt like he is a human for a moment, the 'one' who usually fall for immortal agonies....... 
when he was going back, he looked at his palm, her "kajal" was there all over his palm and looked like one of most alluring sights he had ever seen. He walked a little with the constant gaze on the kajal of his Palm, he sat down on pavements looked at his palm, the shining dark color of her kajal was still there, he just wanted to keep looking at it as long as he live.

Something inside his heart had been changed, The thought of going away was pinching in his heart ,for some reasons it did sound like something unjust and peculiar. At first he did not know what exactly had happened to him but after a while he realized that he had fallen in love with that mortal creature. He thought The kajal is not bad for a token of  love. Then he recalled, he doesn't belong to this land he will have to go back, he can't abandon his own destination,he has his own journey to cover, but he kept the "kajal"with him,  The kajal on his palm was the most romantic sight he had ever seen in his eternal long lexistence.

And from that moment we all see some dark spots on moon. That dark spots are the token of love, an accidental gift, unintentionally given by a mortal creature to the immortal beauty of moon. He realized that a few seconds ago he dreamed a dream which will always remain a dream, "a shattered dream". He could see it in his tears. And for a brief moment he thought about his past and love what he never had. Then "the thought of being with that crying mortal" was sounding like his "dream song".

Just when i was done typing the poetry, this short story came to my mind.

ख्वाब जो मेरा टूट गया था 
आज फिर से मेरी आँखों पर है 
कजरा तेरा जो छूट गया था 
आज मेरे हांथों पर है 

तेरे आंसू, तेरी बातें 
आज मेरे सिर आँखों पर है 
मुझे फिर से मुहब्बत हो गयी है 
इक  टूटा ख्वाब है, जो मेरी आँखों पर है 

मेरी इबादत, मेरी अमानत 
बन गया है कजरा तेरा 
मैं नहीं जानता की खुदा है या नहीं 
बस तू है-और- मेरी हथेली पे 
बिखरा है कजरा तेरा 

मंजिल है इक दिल की अमानत 
सफर मेरा आबाद शजर है 
तुझसे मिल के याद आया है 
दिल मेरा भी बिखरा राहों पर है 

"ऐ राही" तेरा सफर तब तक ही है 
जब तक अधूरा है तू 
अपने अधूरेपन में ही तो पूरा है तू 
लौट जा इश्क़ की गलियों से 
तुझे  बुला रहा है सफर तेरा,

जब कभी तेरी याद आयेगी
नजर आएगा मुझे अपने हांथो पर 
बिखरा हुआ कजरा तेरा।

                -रोशन कुमार "राहीं "

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