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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Love, A journey

When you get high to a certain level, when shouting without any reason
sounds okay. You put your pen on paper and paint a few symbols
you will pick the most torturing memory from past and pen it down
and i'm pretty sure you will write how beautiful those moment were.

If you are in love you don't need any other way
I didn't use the word 'true' before love cause love is unique either
it will be true by default or it won't be love.

Allow me to take you on a journey.

Love is a complex journey
he was told in a certain way
a newbie did't know 
how to walk or walk away!!

he stood like a statue
every day in Her way
looking for foot prints
She left on the road to stay.

and one day he was curious to know
where paths take her every day
for him it was tough to explain,
what he feels, or what he should say
the distance casts an imperishable dismay.

he kept his feet on 
her first foot print
and then on second ,
and kept walking all day
all he wanted to say was 'Hey'

he likes the way she smile
and drink and talk and walk away 
well!!! he was in love ???
and love is a journey, 
he didn't know, 
how to walk or walk away.

one day he realized it was easy 
to walk in love, and wait
cause her footprints were there
to show him the right way

she look intelligent,
she can show him a better way
love showed him the darkness
and darkness showed him his true way

love is a journey 
and he didn't know
how to walk or walk away


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