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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A story of a bird and a tree


People like me usually feel lost on the end of each and every day. reading doesn't distract for much longer. In the end I have to come back to the real world and here in reality I’m a frustrated little lad....Who can't do anything properly, One of the basic thing we learn after our birth is "how to walk".. I'm 22 and I can't even walk properly. Although I never had any problems with my walking styleBut there are people who find it pleasant to notify that in every next moment. I love it when friends and others call me Charlie Chaplin..I live with constant fear of doing things wrong, doesn't matter what i do.I hope you can imagine the level of my frustration.So here in my world i'll always need someone to fix me, someone who can show me the one true path.This post is dedicated to that 'someone' of my life.  I too have dreams, I too have people to whom I wish to fate all possible happiness. So here it is what I think about you.When I see you, hear you every day. I look deep into all your sorrows and happiness and there comes a moment, where I want to stay with you, Smile with you, make you laugh share all your agony. You've always been a light for me when I was in a dark alley. And yet I haven't have done anything for you other than scribbling a few poetry. But what I wish for you is the best possible life a lady can ever have. Full of everything she desires. And right now I’m unable to do it with my power. And trust me that frustrates me.

And when a writer is frustrated, he writes.

So I thought to put you as a character in ma novel. There I can control your life, I can put you through all the happiness I can imagine. I can be with you for as long as I wish. No one or no religion will be able to set us apart, no one can draw such boundary which will stop us from spending time together.

It’s not because you know almost everything about me, it’s not because I adore you, it’s not because I feel like
"kamini full marriage material hai' :p

It’s because you deserved to be loved with an immortal madness. Which won't let me go away
From you even if you hurt me. You were always with me, you never got anything for spending time with me or fixing me, or helping me, when I was a lost soul.

You are one of those people, with whom I can't be selfish. A few days ago I decided to put you in my novel and today I wrote a few pages. Especially for you I’ve re-written the first chapter of ma novel.
I don't need to be your husband to travel with you across all the seas and shores and other traumatic and happy moments, I want to walk with you from this day to my last as your beloved friend.

I’ll put you and me in thousands of character and we live thousands of lives together. I'll let your yell make me cry again. I’ll let you help me, I’ll let you hurt me, I’ll grant all the apologies you'll ask for, and it’s more than I wish, a little less than what I need. I gave you immortality and powers and the same innocent heart you own.

This virtual thing will always keep me frustrated and I’ll keep writing to find a satisfactory life for you and me. I’ll keep writing until this frustration wont wore out. And I know it won't, so I’ll keep writing always and forever. Even in my first novel with a warrior as a protagonist I’m trying
To show how powerful this force of frustration is.

You’re like a bird who wants to fly high, I’m like a tree, living a shackled existence. When you fly away I wait for you to come to your nest, and until you’re not there with me I think about the sky and its limits, I'm a tree who thinks about growing high, just high enough to keep you in sight I wake up  with your chirp and go to sleep with your silence. Thinking you’re here on a branch, on a piece of my soul. In my heart. You’ll grow your life in my heart, I’ll keep you safe from the rain and the hurricanes. That’s all I wish. That’s all I want.

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