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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


everything and everyone crawl down to earth with a certain destiny
some things are destined to be somewhere 
this Diary had a destiny.
i purchased it more than a dozen of solstice ago
in 2007
just one day before the friendships day
i had a dream i will hand it over to its destined owner
and four months ago i did deliver it.
and i got a notification that the diary has reached at its destined place
so a heartfelt thanks to the delivering person, i owe you as i promised.
and i don't know currently if this diary is rotting in some
 trashcan or some place worse than that  
but i'm glad i tried. it took 7 years but finally i had that notification.
the notification can be a bogus but at least it sounds really pleasant :)

one day a few years back, i entered in ma bathroom and found this on the wall 
and i was amazed with this artistic creation of little creatures we know them as spiders.
it was really surprising. they knitted such thing and that inspired me 
to create a character for ma novel,
even the spiders of ma bathroom knows some/this alphabet/s

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