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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A sparrow’s dream

Once upon a time there was a small plump grey bird named sparrow, living on a tree of a small town. She wants to settle her nest on the tallest tree near mountains. And with very hard work of collecting dry grass and other necessary things, successfully she knitted her nest in a few weeks on the tallest tree of her choice and scavenged the city and she has a lot other dreams too, with a confident feeling she swore to have them all achieved.

She laid eggs there in her new nest, it was like a little awkward place for her at first but she wanted to be there. In no time a flock became her friend. She liked going to chase the sunset till the rays of drowning piece of fire starts spreading darker shadows everywhere,

She wasn't aware of pro and cons of having a new place. One day a venomous viper came by crawling to her nest and buried his teeth in sparrow’s eggs and rest of nest fall down on the ground cause of vipers’ weight. And when in the evening when the bird came back and didn't find her nest on the it’s place, she fetched help and found it on the ground and the snake roaming around

She cried and depression possessed her soul and kept her numb for a full week she fetched help from the flock of eagles, the destroyer of the venomous creatures. They helped her out of pity. They found the snake crawling on the branch of trees and she witnessed herself when eagles drained the life out him in the sky amid the shining ray of sun. and after killing the snake they kept his body on the branch of same tree where sparrow lives so she can see the viper dead and feel peace. it finally fetched the sparrow a very tiny whim of peace. Well the fire of vengeance always burn to end of eternity.

She thought its not enough killing just one crawling beast with sharp teeth. She made a deal with a flock of eagle, little sparrow and her friends will find the crawlers and eagle will rip apart their venomous packets with their souls from vipers body. The deal was fine, eagles agreed to it. And in few days vipers extinct from that place of tallest trees.
In no time sparrows friends became her family, a couple of solstice passed she had her little sparrows playing in her nest. There growing wings were peaceful scene for the sparrow.

In the end this story make me feel that we all are same little sparrow. We all share the same dream “A Sparrow’s Dream”. We all face problems fight them and get them solved.

The thing that inspires me most in this story is “that tiny sparrow never gave up”, and the best thing this story taught me is “be honest with your dreams and your responsibility” like the sparrow did she had a dream and she worked on it until it was a reality.  You are the one who have to endeavor to turn it into reality. By being honest I mean if you are student study hard.  

"only your honesty with your dreams and responsibilities will place you closer to your goals"

I learned all these in last few weeks, how important it is to be honest to your dreams to achieve your destiny, I knew it from always but never took it seriously. Its sounds really strange to me, I’m a dreamer even then why I never had this sparrow’s will of getting things done. 

i started asking a question every night before i go to sleep, what i did today that will place me a little closer to my aim??, and the answer has a magical effect. if the answer will be no then i'll try to go better next day, if answer upholds certain magnitude in positive direction then its a good news :) I started feeling certain changes in me from then and it is a positive change. 

I’m not a sparrow but trust me I have dreams “sparrow’s dreams”.

I’m a sparrow, I will fly high
From the deep blue sea to the blue of heights
Challenges might grow vicious and dry
I will fly through same jungle, over same tides
I’ll stop a bit, and take a sigh
I’m free bird, don’t compare me with kites 
(kites = p't'ng = patang)

                                              - Roshan"

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