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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A cup of tea

And it was the first night in Kanpur, 13th April 2007 that was the time when it all started. After dinner me and my roommate Ranu and his elder brother Ritesh went for a little walk towards Geeta nager crossing for having tea.

Well it was nothing special about going on walk and have some tea with friends with whom it was my first 24 hours. The thing I found special and peculiar was their interest about that nasty cup of hot beverage. I was told that sooner or later it’ll become your best friend.
I couldn’t fathom Ritesh bhai’s reason behind his enthusiasm about just a ridiculous cup of tea at then.

The days had flown away, I earned some headache because I was failing to understand Pankaj agrwal’s (chemistry teacher) concepts of “mole concept”.

Anish srivastava’s (physics teacher) vector theories and Anurag vishnoi’s (maths teacher) quadratic equations are not making my life any easier. And their I treated my tiredness and tension with concentrated mixture of milk, water and some leaves ‘came from the different land of livings’ followed by ilaa’y’chee. And then I came to understand why some people admire taking sips of tea so much, when the hot divine wine crawl down your throat and you feel the unimaginable pleasantness one can’t deny to have some more, unlike many country men I found myself sieged in territory of its taste. And of course I felt refreshed,

Well I took tea when I was happy or sad, when I felt that I am in love or when I was in rain or when I felt like I should walk a bit. I hope you got the point.

Sooner I realized that it’s not a choice any more that I want to take it or not. it became a need with time. Once I sipped 28 cups of tea during watching the Chinese movie “arhaan”, when I was in Kanpur.
Me and my best friends sorted out A lot of misunderstandings over a simple cup of tea. I mean it had that kind of power, that merely asking for going out for tea was able to put a smile on our faces. Some of my best friends are my best friends because we spent a lot of time discussing matters over tea. When I think about tea It reminds we what kind of person I was in past because it’s nothing that I have never shared with my tea and mirror. It reminds me of my best friends who cares for me, “Anand”.

It reminds me the time when after having tea in 2 o’ clock morning on rawatpur railway station we played cricket in front of vanshika girls hostel (R.S. puram..near kakadeo) with plastic balls. For me Having tea is shuffling trough memories.
It reminds me the old me. And for me its not any less than Vodka. J
So go on have a cup of tea or Coffey with a smile to enjoy another second of your life. May god bless your town with “ache chai wale”, unlike the place where I’m living :’( .

that pic was taken years ago near to the geetanager crossing where we use to go for tea

P.S.: i was checking if i too can write in English, so i wrote this post :) no hard feeling please about how rubbish my writing style is:)

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