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Friday, May 10, 2013

trait of hasty Dusk"

a trivial effort with argus-part 2

well you can consider it a trivial effort with argus-part 2
it was  a sad evening I was a little less conscious
well I wasn't surprised when arish asked that “last night wali abhi utri ni kya???
I was happy when he was deciding last night that he will never ever go out with me for
Boozing  stuffJ))…..i don't remember much if i created a scene or something
In last pic the building is girls hostel no threeJ)
Well everyone in our  immediate vicinity love to peep from their window to girl hostel “May be  they will find a window open :)” and of course all pics are my clicks.
and  with the 5th pic i have few memories screweduply intact. That was ma Fav place to have communication on phone with ma X  after 21:00 :))

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