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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RanjhNa”…..when he was in love with heer

pics are all mine, this is just an imagined story to give a massage
to all those nasty people who are peculiarly interested in puppy love,
who fell in relationships just  to fill the blank of their life. and those
girls who listen to others more than they believe on there own decisions,
just believe on what you think keep your  way of thinking nourished.
this is your life, and you are not a slave. priorities your self .

                  RanjhNa”…..when he was in love with heer

I just was thinking I should write something thing different than poetries and all, I saw the trailer of movie “ranjhna”  and the story sounds interesting and then I  guessed the story and tried write something like that, so here it is. And a line of song I like most “man thirke thirke, tera kehke kehke khudko”. Love and life never play fair games. Both of these have always some nasty ways to play with sweetness of your emotions, just I’m giving you a small glimpse of happenings when a guy joined someone’s eternity, someone’s dreams.

 We met, you smilingly invited me and applauded my emotions to the eternity of your desires, I came to you with all ma notions dreams and expectations and wrinkles of happiness in every bit of my conscience. I knocked at the door of your eternity you opened the door loved ma emotions Cared and nourished ma notions, you gave a nap of pleasure to ma every intention of being with you for rest of our eternal existence with your lopsided grin. I yanked out the all the doors and distances between us from ma heart, to be with you, to become one from ma soul and heart, I pulled every stop just cause I was engraved and fascinated by the feeling that I have finally you, I wrote ma most beautiful and touching poetry, just because I was happiest person on earth at then cause I have someone in ma life for the very first time. on whim of a desire you left for the pathetic most reason with all your futile psychology, you left cause few person who never ever have any sort of communication with me think that I’m not a good person, Then I realized what I did to myself I erased the distances between us but in reality it was like “I ruined my life my own life” I shouldn’t have trusted the one who can’t trust herself, who didn’t kept her words in which she manifested “I will forgive you once if you make any mistake doesn’t matter how screwing it will be I will give you a chance” but I kept ma word You stirred bough of my conscience still I forgiven you for your every mistake as I promised “I will forgive you for your every mistake”.  

P.S.- You have to trust the person you love or love someone else you can trust
           Don’t make a tentative relationship, don’t be in puppy love, stay loyal stay                                                    .         sure                 


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