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Friday, May 10, 2013

A trivial effort with argus

 let me tell you I’m feeling sick now a days, actually I’m sick of not blogging anything and I’m sick of just writing sad Hindi poetry. feeling like I’m living in hell of boredom.
love is the same as it was, eon years ago, it always will be the same, no one can change that,
i'm done writing about it, that's why i'm not posting ma latest poetry a sad one:))
named "mehkash pulinde",   well i want to quit writing all this sentimental type poetry and i wanna do it sooner rather than later. but after this thought a nasty headache stumble in ma head what will i do with all those half of hundred poetry of mine, rotting in a folder to be edited....???
Right now i wanna try something different for my blog like photography. today i just clicked all this with ma mobile nokia E5. 4 pics are older rest i clicked today. i did it all because  arish forced me to do so if you don’t like my snapshots you can abuse him, he wont mind :p. i kept his pic too in red T-shirt:)) all these pics are of my university. almost all of them are snapped after sun down.

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