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Monday, March 25, 2013

“Realm of peace and the walk to another solstice”

i wrote this post for iDiya contest

i wrote the way i feel about spirituality,
its not necessary that you too feel or think the
same way, if you find any thing ironic then your
precious comments are most welcomed.

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    “Realm of peace and the walk to another solstice”

He was a seraphic being, wings of his dreams were bright white. Primarily He was deemed to belong to atheism but due to sudden perceptional change of situation his solemn believe became his pivotal thing of his shattered life.  He “arranged” a believe that, this pivotal point of the universe named as spirituality will help him anyway. And he started all that chanting mantra and using the burning sage to aromatize his soul to please the Incorporeal spirits
He was a better person, when he was atheist his priorities were working hard and not to bow down to sculptures and beg for something. Now he is changed and became a believer of god, but does this decision of him do something valuable for him, can sitting in temple in front all sculpture’s and praying for mercy and wealthy time will work???. Will god come to him after noticing greatest sacrifice (till yet) of him with his trust and choice and solve his threads of misery full life????. If “NO” ,  then I will ask why?? This post is all about this question and few weird realities and some “should happenings”.
                                 Another most important information I want to convey with this post is believe in yourself and on your mind, in more convenient words I should say the capability to take that initiative to disassociate yourself from the negative feeling at that spur of the moment in itself is the biggest gift which not every one of us have; realize it.  Once we set in motion that mechanism, nothing can mislead us. The mind itself becomes our guru. And eternal joy becomes a part of our existence. Spirituality is a program designed by personnel’s of ancient management, its motive was highly captivating and crucial to be followed by humanities. 
                                           Basically all with what spirituality and worship to god and goddesses relates is “peace of mind and saturation of our mental condition”. Spirituality was a perpetual skim or way of plantation of thoughts to make human life better but what I got is people don’t understand the meaning and motive of worship and spirituality, if you will try to dig about it and start a voyage to past, somewhere after traveling an aeon years ago you will find a person who motivated people about worship and manifested the ways of worshiping.
 You must have heard of “rituals” in which people did nasty things sometimes they sacrifice the life’s of animals and sometimes of humans too. It was planted in psychology of peoples that this will make their wish come true. As much I can think I only get whiff of strong manipulative mind behind starting of all of it and rest of manipulators work was completed by the coming generations. They passed it like a sacred most “must do thing”
NOW what I feel about worship and spirituality:-

Long ago I was alone, roaming in moist air, thinking about the peace with what I was stuffed that day. I was thinking about the why someone made temples when they know that god is everywhere, in every living and nonliving, and thinking about and spirituality and most importantly “the way people worship”, “the way people try to expose their spiritual emotion and devotion to amorphous or in other word to their god.
                       My anxiety was crossing its virtues to know the answer, the thought I earned by so much thinking and analyzing my past experiences and accidents is the spirituality in itself is an ascetic energy, like when you seek a lot you will find the most basic stuff found in starting of the universe was energy, when we do “sadhna” thing or In other words “meditation”, meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Meditation originally was meant to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life.
                      These days, meditation is commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction. Then we find that our mind is getting organized and working more productively than before. In this meditation a lot of chemical reaction occur in our body what makes our mind feel better, (everything we feel is resultant of hormonal secretions and reaction of our body) this secreted stuff (sweat) has a very aromatic smell. You can feel this smell in any person who spend his so much of time in worshiping and chanting manta. I know few of these sort of person. I personally felt this indulge aromatization. Even if they wash their cloths without any detergent or anything still their cloths have massive consistence of this very beautiful fragrant,  
                                                The energy about what I mentioned is indestructibly genuine, all I want to say that the worshiping is all about meditating or concentrating on a single thing that’s what it really meant to, that thing keep our mind calm, that is the real worship, we go to the temple and wish for something and offer something to sacrifice on lords feet and you get stuffed with the confidence that god will must do that for you. That gives you calmness and peace. So the most important thing is to achieve the saturation of mind, all you need achieve this saturation and peace of mind when you have this by any way you can solve your any problem because your mind will be organized, and our mind has a lot more capability than anybody thinks, so when our mind is organized it can deal with any problem, so you don’t need to go to temple and cry on behalf of others believe. Just try to get your mind organize.

Why temples were made:- Now comes the other important thing if what I wrote is true then why people needed or made temples when everyone knows that god is in everything and temples are many in numbers so there must be a solid reason behind it. So here comes one the most important point of this post,
                      when you started feeling about the energy what I wrote you will find much more bizarre thoughts. This energy is so unique, when someone worship or meditate somewhere, then his body spill some energy in environment and that energy stay in the environment, when you try to meditate in this type of energy rich atmosphere you will find an ease in achieving meditation, it is like perfume if someone sprayed it you too can smell it. it is like mobile and network connections when you will call from rich network area you will never have any sort of voice disturbances, the same way you can clearly achieve that “no thought zone” in energy rich area easily without any disturbance, means if someone already have meditating somewhere means he got his a lot of energy collected their in that room or environment so it will be easy for other to achieve the calmness and meditation

             If he will meditate on the same place because it is network rich area. I think that’s was main motive of making so many temples, people go to temple and meditate, their energy will reside their and other people find the ease to achieve the meditation, and this whole world will have peaceful and calm mind and evil will not grow so much. It’s my personally tested point, that’s why these temples were made (it’s my personal thought)
           There was one more scientific thing is there about the shape of the sacred buildings like temple, mosque, gurudwara and  others have one way or other same style of their roof(semicircular) portion or tip of the building, science says that this type of shape converge all of energy falling on it on a single place normally in center. May be that’s why Osho said that its us who should sit in the center of temple and try meditate, normally in temples we see the “SHivling” in center

motive of this post:- No one is free of negative qualities. But they do need constant monitoring. Separate yourself from the attribute and observe it
Uninterruptedly, particularly when negativity and other problematic thoughts spreads their wing to engulf your mental space. 
                                      The moment you face nastiness of jealousy and other frustrations and mentalistic constrains within yourself, start Endeavoring to get peace and calmness they all disappears instantaneously  If you are god believer, then let me tell you it’s your “believe in you” will change everything, will give you everything, is what will help you to achieve what you want. Worshiping is just a manipulative way to push you on right path, it doesn’t mean that you burn sage every morning and evening and chant a lot of mantra it all means just keep your soul relaxed and your mind calm and organized, and bhakti does not mean we give up action. 
                 It motivates us to pursue action without expecting the fruits or results of action.  the all that matter is peace of your mind if you can achieve that peace you can do anything so endeavor to achieve peace of your mind not to please god. Let me tell you some said things about meditation or “sadhna”, True sadhana is to discover the source within and strive to remain connected even while performing worldly activity.


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