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Friday, December 7, 2012

“SEvEn circlEs of ma carE and lovE”

                     “SEvEn circlEs of ma carE and lovE”

Seven circles of ma care and love for you
All ma naïve is a nibble of thou

One for tha day we met for true
thine trust,for togetherness we came thru

One for tha care thou earned in ma heart
All I yanked waz thine notional dirt

One for tha little of flirt of mine
couldn’t help it,cause thou’re some what of ma consine

Thou’re beautiful like feeling of sun goes down
I appreciated thine beauty,thee renown
thou shyly showed thine cute frown

One for tha amazement,thou took me thru
Its about ma rosary reposes of thine virtu

One for tha song of ma quarletive beats
with thy haunting pullover in welkin streets

One for all thine unprosaic beauty
For all deep dark auspicious prophesy

No one saw such a beauty in early pristine
thy vivacious attitude is ma norcotic wine

One for how sacred thy heart still is
after eating all this  solitudianl fish

in thine arms conseale oneself is metaphore of love
 thy absence is heart niche,like a thoughtful shove

thou are serenitive nick of ma spine
vivaciously bright and pretty fine
a sweet melody ,a  scrib of mine”
a littlee part of ma notional consine”