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Friday, November 23, 2012

“jUst for tHE timE bEiNg”

“jUst  for tHE  timE  bEiNg”

  just for the time being 
i waz your lover,,,
ur somber gray feelings
 Are linger from forever,,,

oH my breath, my love, rumor 
of my sentimental  tHinkiNg,,,
my bieng, my own, my 
every prettY tHiNg,,,

yes!! just  for tha time being
i waz your lover,,,

All that you left, your 
strewn fading crackle,,,
iN wrinkles of ma conscince,,,
sorry i coudnt see much
 love iN your eyes,,,
but i felt it till last 
shievering of mA spiNe,,,

trust me pretty heArt,,,
just for tha time being
 i waz your lover,,

tha  echo of  Tormentation
tha result of ma trespass
shAdEd your cHord dArk oUt tHr
wAited for you till crisscross

i rubbed ur Notion
 from mA eternAl sky
cz i hAte tHis kNotty
 sHitisH AffiNitY, don’t kNo wHy,"

oH!! yEs,,,,
just for the time beiNg
 i waz your lover,,,

mAy be i hAted thAt
 freaky Novelties of your fine
yeah i felt it till end of ma spine,,,

A rAin forcEd me
 to ur deep dowN"
i m missiNg still your
 puppy love browN"

i caNt weAr ma heArt
 aNy more oN mA sleeve
its aNother thiNg
tHat i vl miss u iN mA every grief 

bt plzz do remembEr,,,,,,,,
it aal waz "just for time beiNg"


                          spEciAlly, dedicated to mA ms pretty heart"